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Music | The-Dream ~ Fruition by @3LXI

New @3LXI its called The-Dream ~ Fruition
Nouveau @3LXI qui s’intitule The-Dream ~ Fruition

C R O W N | J E W E L

Yeah (x8)

I’m always lost, deep in your eyes,
You can tell me a million lies, and I’d believe it,
I’d listen thoroughly time after time,
‘Cos getting away with loving you is already my crime,
You make me want to do what I’m supposed to do,
Once a choosey lover now they don’t compare to you,
I’ll do whatever always come back to me,
Holding you close loving you endlessly,

It’s so hard, to find someone like you,
I’ve searched under stars and many a moon,
Just to find someone like you,

Uh, Uh

Say whatever you want, you’re in charge,
I’ll be right here when you need me, I won’t barge
Take your time I won’t be far,
As long as I’m close, to where you are,
When I’m with you, you are my world (my world),
I’m in awe, you’re my girl (my girl),
What did I do to deserve this thing,
I’m holding you close loving you endlessly (endlessly),


Some dreams can come to,
Fruition, (Yeah),
Fruition, (Me and you baby baby),
Now that I got you I’ll never let you go,

[Hook] (x2)

And I’ll never let you go,
Girl you’re embedded in my heart,
You’re tattooed to my soul,
Can’t tear us apart,
You’re the dearest thing in my mind,
It’s been so hard to find, someone, like you,
I will never let you go,


Dreams can come to,
Fruition… fruition.

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