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Video | Dub FX ‘Flow’ feat. Mr. Woodnote by bd films

Dub FX ‘Flow’ feat. Mr. Woodnote

A live music documentation film.

Dir: bd
Artist: Dub FX feat. Mr. Woodnote
Date: April 2009
Location: Bristol, UK

This film for me really justifies my whole approach to filming performers in one take. For me the film works not because of the way I filmed it but because I was lucky enough to catch something special and real.

Dub FX had been living in Bristol during the winter of 08/09 in order to record his album ‘Everythinks A Ripple’. In Bristol he had met fellow Australian Mikey ‘Woodnote’, a very capable and experienced sax player who was then working on his album ‘Winter of Woodshed’. Both artists use a loopstation to build and create tracks.

As far as I know this was the first time the two of them ever played this song together in public. It was exciting for me to film as the 9 minutes went by as I could sense that something was coming together. You cannot plan for a 9 minute shot of a live performance to work. The idea is that if you do catch something then you are lucky, but what you catch will be so much more engaging than a set up.

This film was originally released on Youtube in April 2009 and as of November 2010 had amassed 5.8 million views (receiving 16 thousand views daily).

This version for Vimeo has be upconverted to HD. The original film was made on a Panasonic DVX100 camera with a Redrock M2 DOF adaptor and a Nikon 35mm f2.0 lens.

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